Reaching their Goal Despite "Circuit-Breakers"!


When Rick and Judy Malet-Veale from Canada first married many years ago, they had hoped to one day be in the circuit work.  In fact, Brother Malet-Veale was appointed a substitute circuit overseer at that time.  But, the famous "Circuit breaker" happened -- in fact, two!  They became the parents of two lovely daughters.  Did that prevent the Malet-Veale's from reaching their spiritual goals?  No!


As a family they served full-time in various countries until finally they were motivated to step into Mexidonia [Mexico-English].  Now, Jehovah has blessed their godly obedience and persistence:  Brother Malet-Veale was appointed circuit overseer in November 2004 of the newly-formed Circuit #03-inglés in México!

Rick & Judy Malet-Veale with Daughters

All serving in Mexidonia