Comments by the Faithful & Discreet Slave class about those serving where the need is greater, specifically  in their relationship to the progress of the worldwide Kingdom Preaching work:


"What accounts for such progress? Many things. Missionaries trained at the Watchtower Bible School of Gilead and, more recently, upwards of 20,000 graduates of the Ministerial Training School have made a huge contribution. So have the many Witnesses who at their own expense have moved to lands where the need for Kingdom publishers is greater. Such self-sacrificing Christians—men and women, young and old, single and married—play a significant role in preaching the Kingdom message throughout the earth.  They are greatly appreciated."

Watchtower July 1, 2005, Pages 22-23


LOCATION: Guyana . It is north of the Equator but in the tropics & has an Atlanta coast.  It is the third smallest country on the mainland of South America, approximately the size of Great Britain. Though physically part of South America, culturally Guyana isCaribbean rather than Latin American and it is considered part of the West Indies.





ECONOMY: Guyana, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.  Guyanese dollars (G$) per US$1 - 140.3


BRIEF HISTORY:  At the time the first Europeans arrived in the area around 1500, Guyana was inhabited by Arawak & Carib tribes of Amerindians. Although Guyana was first sighted by Columbus during his third voyage, it was not settled by Europeans until the Dutch in 1616.The British assumed control in the late 18th century & the area became a British colony known as British Guiana.


LANGUAGE: It  is the only South American country whose official language is English,. Other languages of Guyana include Creolese, Hindi, Wai-Wai, Arawak & Macushi.  It is one of only two remaining countries in the mainland Americas to drive on the left.


2005 YEARBOOK JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, Pages 65, 135:  "The name Guyana means "Land of Waters." This fitting designation is reflected in the country’s vast network of rivers, many of which serve as highways to the villages and towns of the interior. Read how Jehovah’s Witnesses have used canoes, rowboats, and steamers to direct the fascinating, multiracial inhabitants of this country, the only English-speaking land in South America, to "living water."—John 4:10.

 "... With its many natural attractions, Guyana is a paradise for nature lovers. Its waters are home to giant river otters, black caimans, and pirarucus, or Arapaima, among the largest freshwater fish ever discovered. These air-breathing, flesh-eating giants can grow to a length of 10 feet [3 m] and can weigh 485 pounds [220 kg]. Jaguars quietly prowl about in the shadowy forests, and howler monkeys shout from the trees above, which they share with over 700 species of birds, including harpy eagles and spectacularly colored macaws and toucans.

"The human population of Guyana numbers about 770,000. The number includes East Indians, whose ancestors came from India as indentured workers; blacks, who are descended from African slaves; Amerindians (Arawak, Carib, Wapisiana, and Warrau); and those of mixed race. Although Creole is spoken throughout the country, English is the official language, making Guyana the only English-speaking nation in South America". Be sure to read the rest of this article on Pages 135-201.  It is a beautiful article about the people, the land, the languages, the food, the climate and encouraging experiences of missionaries and other needgreaters! 

Another wonderful article: "The Splendor of Jehovah’s Creation--Let the Rivers Themselves Clap Their Hands", 1994 Watchtower, May 15, Pages 8,9.




Letter to Grandma and Grandpa

[from 18 year old grandson]

" We just received this letter from our grandson, Tyler Larson, 18 years of age and just out of school.  He wanted to leave Nanaimo (BC, Vancouver Island, Canada) to  serve where he would be needed and he chose Guyana, South America. 

"The morning after his arrival, Tyler received a call from the branch, telling him to come over right away.  After a 3 day truck ride through deep jungle, he arrived in Lethem to greet the group of 13 bros. "...caked with mud from head to toe from the truck ride."

"Shortly after arriving in Lethem, he was appointed school overseer and given a bookstudy to conduct and assigned his first public talk!

"Since many needgreaters here were going home for a two month vacation he and another young brother were left to take care of the congregation, Tyler writes, "This was my first experience conducting a whole service meeting by myself!"

"Tyler continued writing, "I moved into a two bedroom cement house in Brazil with two others, and cross the border every day to conduct Bible studies, meetings.  Having had to bath in a tea cup previously with water from a well, we were now happy to have electricity, good plumbing, and the luxury of an over-head shower."

"Tyler made the one hour walk to Lethem every day and writes, 'The scenery was breathtaking.  I'm positive that the sight of palm trees, coconut trees, and lush mountains in the sunset will never cease to captivate me.  I've honestly never seen anything that beautiful in my life. It's now rainy season, so everything is lush and green. The rivers are insane here. In one night the river we cross to go from Lethem to Brazil rose over 20 feet. Its banks extended another 200 feet, there's no bridge so we take boats for $50 Guyanese.' " 

Love, Tyler Larsen, Lethem,  P.B. - Rupununi, Guyana
Region #9, South America

[Note:  Lethem is a town in Guyana on the Takutu River,  which forms the border with Brazil & is part of the Guyanese Rupununi savannah where there are many vaqueros, or cowboys  and ranches.  It has a population approx. 800.  Lethem only has a few basic homes, no hotel and no restaurant (one home has the sign "restaurant" but it is closed). It is connected to the outside world only through two unpaved roads, one that goes to Brazil and one to Georgetown.]


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